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Kilt Outfits, Jackets & Accessories

Wearing your kilt outfit at a Scottish Wedding or special event

With an important event coming up, it's time to get this done the correct way. The Scottish way! Porridge oats optional...


You should wear a white plain style collar-attached with either a button or cuff link style cuffs. Keep it simple - no pleats at all or colour trimmings. It should be worn with a black bow tie. Re-cently the shirt makers have introduced an attached wing-collar giving a similar appearance to the 1930s traditional stiff-fronted shorts with separate wing collar. This style of shirt can be worn as an alternative.

After the kilt has been put on, the wearer should slide his hands up under the kilt and pull the shirt down as far as it will go.

White Shirt For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

Bow tie

These add a touch of elegance if wearing highland dress to a Scottish Wedding. Be sure to purchase a Silk Black Bow Tie which is a great contrast against a plain white dress shirt. You want to Pull on the loops carefully and check the length of the bow. Do not worry if your tie is slightly asymmetric when tied. Just remember to tuck the wings of the collar behind the Bow Tie.

Bow Tie For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

Kilt Hose (Socks)

Start with the Kilt Hose, garters and shoes. The hose turnover should be above the calf but not covering any part of the lower knee. White kilt hose are regarded by many as an abomination and should only be worn by pipe bands, yes, avoid white! Cream hose are acceptable as are any colours that tone in with the jacket or kilt. Diced or tartan hose can also be worn.

Kilt Hose For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

Kilt Flashes

Kilt Flashes are brightly coloured strips of wool or cotton, also popular in the Tartan that matches the Kilt and sold as a pair with three Tartan weights to choose from. Available in over 600 Tartans!

The Kilt Flashes hang down from the folds in the kilt hose. They are in effect a decorative garter, that help to hold the hose (socks) up. Bring the hose turnover down to cover half the double loop of the flash with only the bottom half showing, to the outside of the leg.

Kilt Flashes For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

Sgian Dhubh

If you wish to wear a Sgian Dhubh it is normally worn in the right stocking. It can be worn on the left leg if you are left-handed. Remember, it is a weapon and should be naturally accessible to you. Be advised that modern legislation in some countries places a question mark over the wearing of such an 'offensive' weapon.

Sgian Dhubh For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

Footwear, Ghillie Brogues or Kilt Shoes

The smartest footwear with evening dress is undoubtedly Buckle Brogues but since these are very hard to come by, any smart formal shoes will suffice or, what are known as Ghillie Brogues with the long laces that tie around the ankles. Wait! How do I put these on?

Put your shoe on and tighten the laces as normal, hold the laces at the end and do one twist, pull the laces tight, still holding them at the end, cross the laces over by putting the lace into the opposite hand, do four to six twists, keeping the tension in the laces (the twisted part should be about 1-2 inches or 3-5cm long) Take the laces and cross them behind your leg and bring the laces back to the front and tie them in a normal knot, then double knot. You now have perfectly tied Ghillie Brogues! Don't worry if you can't get it, Doc Marten 1460's look great too!

Kilt Shoes For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

The Kilt

You've finally got what you've waited for! The custom Tartan, made to measure Kilt! Aka the main attraction. This comes next and is worn firmly by the straps and buckles at the waist. The hem should come to the crest of the kneecap thus showing the knee.

Kilt For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

The Sporran & Sporran strap

The Sporran strap should be put through the Sporran loops at the back of the Kilt and chains brought forward to attach them to the rings at the rear of the Sporran. You then adjust the hang of the Sporran by means of the rear strap and buckle.

It is most important that the Sporran is worn high and not midway down the front apron.

Sporran and Strap For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

Kilt Waistcoast & Jacket

There are lots of options when it comes to Kilt Jackets: Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat or the Argyll Kilt Jacket in various colours.

Today, the rules surrounding Kilts and the accompanying accessories are not as strictly adhered to, however, it is still good practice to stick to the tradition when wearing a kilt. While the Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat is worn for formal and evening events, the Argyll Kilt Jacket is the standard attire for more casual, or daytime events.

Kilt Jacket & Waistcoat For Highland Dress Scottish Fine Gifts

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