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How to wear a kilt

Wearing a kilt like a true Scotsman

"You're Not A Real Scot Unless You're Bare Under Your Kilt"

Traditionally of course nothing was worn under the kilt and if history is correct and charging Scots threw aside their feleidh mhors, no wonder they had such success on the battle fields.

That tradition was passed on to the Scottish regiments and nothing was worn under the kilt in military circles unless dancing was involved, or public-access parades were taking place in high winds. On parades, the drill sergeant frequently attached a small mirror to the bottom of his pace stick so that he could, at a glance, check that soldiers on were correctly undressed.

We mere civilians have a choice to wear or not to wear boxer shorts or briefs. Common sense and a regard for others should rule the day. It's one thing to go 'bare' when hill walking but to do the same when attending an evening function that involved vigorous dancing, could lead to the charge of exhibitionism and scant consideration for the social comfort of others.

Wearing a kilt casually

You can wear a kilt any time you’d wear trousers! Kilts are amazingly versatile, and can be used to create countless looks, according to the impact you want to make! This could include a tweed jacket, shirt and tie; or a chunky jersey, rolled-down socks, and hiking boots; or the romantic, loose-fitting Jacobite shirt; or a simple T-shirt and trainers, with or without socks.

We seen a massive trend with kilts within the punk movement and still do today. In the end, wherever and however you wear your kilt, you’ll be on the receiving end of plenty of admiring at-tention!.

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